Caroline Lucas – Our Climate Champion

Caroline Lucas is a firm believer that climate change needs
action! She is an MP for Brighton Pavilion and a member of the Green Party and
is also their first MP. Caroline is a firm believer that climate change needs
to be taken more seriously. Her focus is on rising energy prices and a system
that relies on fossil fuels. She said:

“Even the experts, even the people who are in the forefront of the fracking ideology are saying it’s not going to lead to lower prices. So, if you want lower prices you need to go down the renewable route”

The current government have arguably made things hard for
renewables, scrapping the Feed in Tariff and banning onshore wind, something
Caroline believes they need to change if we are to see any change to our emissions
and tackle climate change effectively. Controversial fracking is another thing
she fiercely argues is a danger to our climate. She believes fracking will not
reduce prices but cause major problems for our communities. Simply finding more
oil and gas will not help to meet the climate change targets.

Caroline’s backing for renewables is exactly the kind of
action needed. She proposes that it should be made easier for schools to
install solar panels. She believes community energy generation projects should
be backed and subsidies for fossil fuels should be quickly scrapped.

In an ideal world Caroline’s plans would be put into place. There
is no doubt that renewables are the future, but it seems the government is
dragging its feet when it comes to supporting the projects. Climate change is
becoming increasingly more obvious from the crazy weather to the statistics. The
public have begun to act in the form of strikes and peaceful protests and the
younger generation, recently, have shown their support by leaving schools and joining
the strikes. The support for change is there and it is felt that the changes
are not happening quickly enough with endless resistance from MP’s who are
being continually lobbied by the large oil and gas giants.

Caroline responded to the recent winter temperatures, simply
saying: ‘this isn’t right’. She believes that we are facing a climate breakdown
and we should treat it as an emergency. Caroline’s urgency is justified as we
have slowly seen climate change creep up on us. It is now, more than ever,
important that it is tackled head on for the sake of future generations.

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